LinkedIn Etiquette

Essential LinkedIn etiquette. The definite ‘dos’ and the definite ‘don’ts


Essential LinkedIn etiquette. The definite ‘dos’ and the definite ‘don’ts

LinkedIn is a recruiter’s staple, their bread and butter for sourcing candidates for prospective jobs. Understandable some people shy away from yet another ‘social network’. To an outsider, LinkedIn may be viewed as one of yet another plethora of online mediums where you are asked to share personal information with the world. But it is not to be overlooked. LinkedIn is the most enveloped Social Medium platform, encapsulating all demographics and tiers of professionals. It is therefore a fundamental for recruiters and candidates, in fact any prospective or current job seeker.

It is the most infinite source of jobs you will see across any platform and more specifically jobs that are tailored to your interests and experience. Job Boards cost money for companies to advertise. LinkedIn doesn’t and is often the only platform where you will see jobs advertised. Furthermore, with Pulse (LinkedIn’s personalised feed for news and insights) you see what is tailored specifically to you. Apportion a fraction of the time you spend on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or Snapchat to LinkedIn. The Difference? Tangible results, beneficial connections and perhaps the catalyst for landing your new dream job.

Approach Slow

If you are a new user, go slow. At first LinkedIn can be hard to navigate and get your head around. Build rapport and trust, as you would in real life. Establishing relationships on LinkedIn can prove majorly beneficial, so remember you can’t get that first impression back. The expression ‘all guns blazing’ might be useful to remember here. Do not ask for too much too soon. There is an etiquette to adhere to and which is expected by others. However, don’t be afraid to reach out either. LinkedIn was built on the foundations of networking and connecting. Connecting with useful HR managers, following companies and broadening your online community will put you on the radar. Finding your equilibrium between these points will land you with sound LinkedIn activity.


LinkedIn isn’t Facebook. Nor is it Tumblr or Twitter. It’s also not Tinder. It is a community of professionals and you are pitching yourself amongst your peers. A sound profile photo is imperative. A quick ask around in our office suggests ‘duck face selfies’ or ‘extreme close ups’ aren’t a winner. Don’t worry about a professional photo either. A headshot standard solo headshot will suffice, that shows your enthusiasm, energy and ebullient nature.

Stay Active Online

LinkedIn cements your digital platform. Those most content in their jobs stay active too. Your LinkedIn will effectively become null if you are not active. Again, it also keeps you on the cusp of that HR Manager or Recruiter’s (whom you have connected with) mind. It never hurts to pop up when someone is searching for a candidate with your expertise, or being a top rank in a Boolean search. ‘LinkedIn stalking’ isn’t common place. People are curious as how to better themselves and if you are a source in their trajectory, it is quite flattering. People expect the notification saying someone has viewed their profile, likes their update, or commented on their blog post. Even if they don’t know them personally. It’s fair to presume that people view your interest as professional. If you are conscious of this, the Privacy Settings will become your best friend. If you are curious, but don’t want someone to be notified that you viewed their profile, that can be changed in seconds, however it is not advised as this is all about highlighting yourself.

There are heaps of default privacy settings you may not be aware of. Have a look around and get familiar with these. Social Talent also do informative blogs regarding these that you can find at:

Remember: LinkedIn has over 277 million users. However, it isn’t a numbers game and like anything quality will pay dividends over quantity. Focus on worthwhile connections, companies and other resources that will benefit you.

Uber to create 300 new jobs in Ireland

The world’s largest online taxi service Uber will create 300 new jobs in Limerick, with a customer support centre set to open. The company have expressed their desire to launch in cities nationwide, currently open having operations in Dublin.

The new Limerick base looks to hire 150 people by the end of the year, with a further 150 people by the end of 2016. Uber General Manager Kiaran Harte mentioned that the company has over 1,000 drivers in Dublin. Uber, which launched in 2011, has seen fortunes soar and major investment of late. €5.3 billion was ploughed into Uber, which has had unrivalled success in the US.

Harte furthered that “Limerick put on a fantastic show to win our investment. We’re doing five times the amount of trips in Europe as we were last year. This will serve all of our English speaking customers from all over Europe and Africa’’.

Furthermore, Uber have also signed a 10 year lease at a premises in Thomas Street.

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan expressed his delight at the news by saying Uber’s investment is a massive boost for Limerick. We are particularly delighted to welcome a world leading company, operating at the cutting-edge of innovative technology, to Limerick city centre. Creating 300 jobs and with an investment of €4m planned for the city, Uber will become a major part of the Limerick economy.”


Ikea to pay all their Irish staff ‘The Living Wage’

There has been much debate surrounding Ireland’s minimum wage of late. Many argue that minimum wage is not reflective of the cost of living and thus ‘The Living Wage’ is a better reflection on the minimum amount Irish workers should earn on an hourly pay scale. Enter Ikea…

The Swedish Retail giant has agreed to pay all its Irish staff ‘A living wage’ ensuring a meaningful wage for all workers. Ikea have only one Irish store, located in Ballymun North Dublin. The flat pack giant will issue pay cheques based on the cost of living for employees in Ireland and the UK.

Ikea HR manager for the UK and Ireland Pernille Hagild said as a ‘values-driven organisation’ the chain believed in “providing a meaningful wage to our co-workers that supports the cost of living no matter where they live”.

He furthered ‘’Over the coming months we will work together with the relevant organisations and authorities in Ireland to secure this in the right way in the Irish market.” In the past days the government have agreed to increase the mimumim wage (€8.65 per hour) by 50 cent. Ikea already pays their staff above this, with the bottom pay scale €9.77 per hour.

A consortium of unions and other campaigners have put the living wage in Ireland at €11.50 per hour although it’s not yet known on what basis Ikea will calculate its rate.


Best Menswear enters into examinership

Retailer Best Menswear has gone into examinership. The men’s clothing and accessories retailer have faced turbulent times over the last few years. Bets Menswear had been a concession holder in the now closed Clery’s store.

A pop up store was introduced to Parnell Street earlier this month and acted as a means of clearing available stock. An examiner form PWC has been appointed to the business and will assist in the restructuring of the company to ensure financial viability.

Managing Director of Best Menswear David Jones said the following ‘’ While trading is slowly improving, the biggest challenge remains unsustainably high rents and upward only rent reviews, which are a significant burden on our business’’.

Best Menswear currently has 13 stores across the country.

Online Retailer Amazon to launch Grocery delivery service

Online Retail giant Amazon are to launch ‘Amazon Fresh’, the retail giant’s grocery delivery service that will launch in the UK this year. According to speculation, the plans are at an ‘advanced stage’ and are due to launch the service in September of this year.

Amazon Fresh will allow customers to in certain areas to order an array of grocery products. It is currently available in large urban US locations such including New York and LA. While suggestions continue to circulate, an Amazon spokesperson said that ‘we do not comment on rumour or speculation but we will remain thoughtful and methodical in our approach to expanding Amazon Fresh’.


Skype Tips for Job Interviews

It’s often the case that remote interviews are harder to prepare for than physical face to face interviews. Often, nowadays, making a good first or nearer a final round interview doesn’t mean it has to be done in person as they become more common in the workforce. Somewhere down the line you will likely prepare for a Skype or remote interview if you haven’t been already. You will need to construe your points and sell yourself while no one is physically present for you to convince. Within Excel Recruitment, our consultants are using Skype interviews more than ever to screen potential candidates and to match their ability with particular roles. With roles Nationwide it is not always possible for candidates and clients to meet physically and Skype interviews act as a tool to link both. They are the first action they take in understanding the client and deciphering whether they would be a good match to continue with helping them in their job search for an active role.

Here are crucial tips that are encouraged when partaking in a Skype Interview

1. Dress the Part

Dress accordingly! It is quite hard to ascertain a company culture in an informal setting such as a Skype Interview. Dress as you would if it was a physical interview and prepare ahead of time. You are completely in control on what is shown on screen and you can set this all ahead of time. Check the prospective employer’s website, Facebook and twitter pages to try garner a feel for the company, what it would be like to work there and tailor your attire according to this. Consultants will notice this straight away as they are often fitted with criteria of finding someone who not only has the necessary attributes and experience, but also a personal and physical fit who will be an asset to their company. It is always better to err on the side of formal than casual.

The tracksuit bottoms and formal upper attire should be avoided. While most interviews concentrate primarily on a headshot, opportunities can arise where you may have to readjust your equipment, web cam etc. and where you may be on show! Full professionalism clothing will attribute to a professional mind too.


2. Prepare your surroundings.

Be it video or telephone, do it in a quiet, undisturbed setting with no disruptions. Things as simple as an electrical socket to charge your laptop may be overlooked in advance and prove problematic mid interview ( and show off your scruffy sweatpants!) A business-like setting is best. Avoid somewhere that is clustered and has a high volume of material on the walls and the likes. Look behind you as this is what the interviewer will see. It can be quite distracting when an interviewer is faced with clutter and mess and will reflect badly on your organisational capabilities. Hiring Managers are recruiters are very discerning in all facets of an interviews process, don’t underestimate the things that they see that you may not.

Inform those who are with you that you are in interview and to under no circumstances to disturb you. You don’t want to be disturbed by sudden interruptions, young kids, a blast of the radio or an excited uncontrollable dog that has been just ushered with the words ‘WALKIES’!


3. Practice

Practice a mock interview. Some people can be particularly on edge and won’t know what to do with their hands, or seating posture. Skype allow you to analyse a mock tape and this is a good tool to be meticulous in how you interact and again tailor it accordingly. Lacking a live person in front of you can mean you won’t interact how you naturally would when in a live setting. Often you will be side-tracked by the thoughts of the cameras and equipment. Stay upbeat and don’t get lost in the fact that you are smiling alone in a room. This is one of the first and most important things someone will notice during a skype interview.


4. Technology Glitches

Check the alignment of the camera during your preparation so you are assured you are smiling at the interviewer and making eye contact rather than staring longingly off in the distance. While there is no worries like getting lost, stuck in traffic, or failing to find the building there is the impending fear of a technical glitch. Have everything ready and prepared with ample time.

When you’re relying on video or phone equipment, there’s a good chance you’ll experience a technical glitch: a weak connection, interference or garbled signals. Hiring managers will determine what kind of candidate you are by your reactionary instincts to these situations. Avoid cursing or losing your cool. Be diplomatic, do your best to revolve and any issues that have arisen. This will be an important a facet in the interview and one you may have overshadowed.

Most popular supermarkets for weekly shops revealed

Figures have been released showing where Irish consumers are likely to do their main weekly grocery shop. The continued trajectory of discount rival retailers like Lidl and Aldi, have intensified the market over the last number of years. Tesco, have come out on top with 33% of all consumers choosing to do their main weekly shop there.

Tesco have had a rough time of late with a sales trough, but in figures carried out by Checkout Magazine and Ignite Research it points them as the most popular supermarket for big spends. Tesco was also the most popular supermarket choice by females. The greatest disparity of genders was Dunnes Stores, with 19% of who were male and 11% of female.

Value for money was frequently cited as the most popular reason for shoppers in Lidl and Aldi. 86% of Aldi shoppers and 81% of Lidl shoppers believed that their respective supermarkets were the cheapest. The German discount rivals have seen the biggest rise in consumers switching.



Brown Thomas begin €1.5 million revamp

Brown Thomas on Dublin’s Grafton Street have begun a €1.5 million revamp to their flagship department store. Hoarding has been erected over the last few weeks as repairs begin on the building’s exterior. It includes work to the brickwork and water damage.

The work is all part of an estimated €20 million refurbishment programme which aims to modernise the iconic store. The work will take 12 weeks to complete and will include work to their South William Street and Clarendon street entrances.

The work has been planned carefully and will not affect business. It has been planned meticulously, so as not to disturb the shopping day. Managing Director Stephen Sealy said “If you plan it carefully it won’t affect the business. “It will cost us about €1.5 million but it’s the right thing to do. Ultimately, it’s an investment in the future of the business.”

Brown Thomas have seen a lift in sales of late. They have stores across in Dublin, Cork, limerick and Galway and BT2 outlets in Grafton Street, Henry Street, Dundrum and Blanchardstown. In 2014 Brown Thomas had a profit of €4.7 million.

Penney’s to expand to Italy

Fashion retailer Penney’s has plans to embark on the Italian market, eyeing up potential stores. Known as Primark to UK consumers, has plans to open three Italian stores next year. It is believed that the first Italian store will open North West of Milan in Summer 2016.

Primark opened in France 18 months ago and have had success across all French operations. The first French store opened in Marseilles 2013 and the second in Dijon 2014. This is believed to have been an encouraging factor in opening Italian stores. They currently operate 250 stores across Europe in 8 countries and are one of the most revered fashion retailers.

With 38 stores branded as ‘Penneys’ across Ireland, they also have stores in Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and Austria.


Ownership change and redevelopment for Stephen Greens Shopping Centre

Stephens Green Shopping Centre will undergo an expansive redevelopment as the centre’s ownership will change. Irish Life is currently the majority shareholder with 73%, will sell 35.4% of its interest with the expectation that it will trigger change. These include a new layout which will accommodate five large new fashion stores and a nine screen rooftop cinema.

Currently there are 90 shops over 3 levels which produces an annual income of €6.2 million and a further €2.2 million from the 1,200 space car park. However, over the years the shopping centre has failed to capitalise on its prime retail ground, residing on the top of Dublin’s most revered shopping avenue. Irish life has failed to invest in the shopping centre to date and have been reluctant to plough in funds. Currently there are a string of fashion traders waiting for suitable premises on Grafton Street.

One of the problems has been the over-reliance on kiosks, which drown floor space and continually grow in numbers, currently standing at 20. The new ground floor layout will include a central pedestrian aisle and more spacious outlets, utilising centre space.

The current owners of the centre have already secured planning permission to develop a €10 million, nine-screen cinema on the roof of the centre, with a seating capacity of 1,612. It will be the only cinema in the south inner city. The opening of the cinema was to have coincided with a remodelling of the second floor to accommodate a wide range of restaurants and coffee outlets.