Vaccination Pharmacists: Now Recruiting

Now actively recruiting Vaccination Pharmacists nationwide.

Excel Recruitment is proud to assist with the nationwide Covid-19 vaccination rollout in any small way we can. We have been contacted by several leading pharmacies across the country to recruit Vaccination Pharmacists to play a vital role in protecting the country against Covid-19. Here, at Excel we have written extensively about how well-placed pharmacists are to be a key part in the vaccine rollout, which is why we’re so proud to be assisting in the recruitment of these roles.

What do you need to apply?

In order to be eligible to administer vaccines as a Pharmacist, you will need to submit the following:

  • IIOP certificate for Delivery of a Pharmacy-Based Vaccination Service training course
  • IIOP Certificate for Administration of Influenza Vaccine
  • IIOP Certificate for Responding to an Emergency Situation, including the Management of Anaphylaxis training course
  • Valid CPR Certificate
  • Hibernian Healthcare Parenteral Administration of Medicines Certificate
  • HSELand COVID 19 Certificate
  • Preferably administered a flu vaccine in the last 12 months

If you or anyone you know may be interested in these Vaccination Pharmacist jobs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Barbara Kelly, our senior Pharmacist recruiter at or call 087-7379636.

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Butcher Jobs Market

Butcher Jobs Market Update: High demand sees employers responding

Claire Byrne is a part of Excel Recruitment’s award-winning grocery retail recruitment team specialising in butcher recruitment. Here, she discusses what the current butcher jobs market looks like….

Like patio furniture during a heatwave, butchers are in high demand.

Consumers increasingly want to eat better meat and know more about the meat they are eating. Not only where it’s from, but how to cook it, how to eat it, what cuts will work best for them or go further for their family. A knowledgeable butcher is key to this education.

Covid has only accelerated this, but few could have predicted just how much. People are having to eat at home at levels never seen before, and are embracing it, investing the time and effort into cooking.

Customers and store managers, from independents to nationwide supermarkets, are more and more recognising the importance of having a great butcher or butchers on their team.

What does this mean for butchers on the jobs market?

Basically, it has never been a better time to be a butcher. As fresh food categories boom, butchers are highly sought after and aware of the salaries they can gain on the job market.

Employers are seeing in real-time how customers respond to having great butchers in-store and what this means for sales. Adding to this is a tighter talent market which employers are working hard to address. Our grocery clients are working to not retain the butcher talent they have but also to attract more to their business.

Salaries and pay rates are more flexible and reflective of the value butchers bring to the business. Outside of salary, the best employers are looking at the whole package and work culture. They are want to invest in their careers of their butcher team, providing more opportunities to learn, gain new skills and move up in the business. Work is also being around work-life balance and creating a great team culture.

Butchery is a skilled job, requiring years of training and a high level of dedication. More and more employers are recognising this and the opportunities for a butcher looking for a new job are endless.

At Excel, it couldn’t be easier to find butcher jobs, simply give me a call on 01-8717613 and I’ll take care of the rest! To view any of our live grocery jobs, click here.



Pharmacists the ideal people to lead Covid vaccine rollout: So why are they not being let?

Barbara Kelly, Pharmacy Recruitment Consultant reflects on the frustration of Pharmacists still being in the dark about the vaccine rollout…..

Vaccines: the much-anticipated light at the end of the tunnel that was has been a strange and stressful time. While there was bound to be stumbling blocks to the Government’s initial plan published late last year, one of the biggest frustrations so far is the lack of direction for Pharmacists as to what should be their key role in the plan.

According to a recent announcement from the Irish Pharmacy Union, over 1,850 pharmacies across the country are “ready and waiting” to vaccinate people, but are “in the dark” as to when they will be involved.

Numerous pharmacists are ready to go since the Government announced their plan last year only to be left in limbo now.

IPU secretary general, Darragh O’Loughlin, said “pharmacists are increasingly frustrated at the complete lack of clarity on when they can begin vaccinating their patients and the broader public”. He said there is also frustration among patients. “Pharmacists are trained, experienced and ready to start vaccinating in every town, village and community around the country. They, and the people in their communities, urgently need clarity on when they can start vaccinating.”

What’s such a pity about the current lack of clarity is, as anyone within the pharmacy community knows, is how well-placed pharmacists are to be a key part of the vaccine rollout. Pharmacists have been vaccinating people against the flu for the last decade, and are already using procedures allowing them to monitor patients for 15 minutes following the injection.

Local community pharmacies in small towns and regions everywhere can support their customers who can’t or may not want to go into bigger areas or bigger vaccination centres. They’re available for everyone to go to. Community pharmacists know their customers so well and have a level of rapport and familiarity with the local population that can’t be matched in larger centres. They are the ideal ‘friendly face’ for those who are nervous, have questions or are unsure about taking up the vaccine when offered. All of these factors surely have the knock-on effect of getting as many people vaccinated as possible, as quickly as possible which makes it even more frustrating that pharmacists nationwide are still waiting for answers.

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