Rounding to begin in Ireland on October 28th

Rounding will be rolled out across Ireland on Wednesday October 28th. In a measure to curtail the circulation on 1c and 2c coins, change on cash transactions will be rounded up or down to the nearest five cents. 1c and 2c will remain legal tender however, and rounding only applies to change on a final till amount.

  • An example:
    • If the change amount is 67c, then round the amount down to 65c.
    • If it is 68c, round it up to 70c.

Countries that use rounding include Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Norway and Sweden. Rounding was trialled in Wexford in 2013 and found 100% and 83% of merchants and consumers respectively favoured the measure. Rounding is being introduced to reduce the needs of producing 1c and 2c coins, often a hindrance to consumers, with the majority of those issued not actually in circulation. Furthermore, the cost of production actual exceeds the coins true value (1.7cent to produce a 1cent coin)

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My Journey Into Recruitment – Sean Thomas

What types of jobs did you work at in grocery retail?

I started as a sales assistant in Supervalu Hartstown then joined my local Dunnes Stores for 4 years. I re-joined my old Supervalu as a Trainee Manager when I was 19, which had turned into a Eurospar by then. I became an Assistant Manager for Eurospar for 3 years and then later join Superquinn as a department manager.


How does it compare going from working in grocery to a recruitment environment?

Not much has changed, it both requires a passion for what we do and strong inter personal skills.


What was your favourite part about working in retail?

I enjoy the fast paced atmosphere, the customers and the sense of achievement when completing my job.


What is your favourite aspect of working in recruitment?

I enjoy the pressure! We’re constantly striving to go above and beyond, keeping up the high expectation of candidates we send out and preparing candidates for interviews.


Are you seeing any difference in applications over the last 12 months?

I’m seeing excellent candidates come through, with excellent level of management experience with good education backgrounds behind them. More than ever, I’ve noticed that this year.


What do you favour most when a CV comes into your inbox? What must haves does a candidate need in order to be considered?

  • Good longevity
  • Career progression with good company brand names such as Eurospar and Supervalu etc.


What has been your most favoured candidate placement and why?

I had a candidate who had been made redundant by his local Supermarket, like many others. He was an experienced manager, had excellent references and a qualified butcher, with good length of service in each job. Due to not having a brand named supermarket behind him we initially found it hard to place him. But due to us having good relationships with our clients, he was given the chance to become a fresh food manager with this large branded supermarket and has been in this store the last 7 months. I have been in touch with him quite recently and he stated that he can’t believe he did not find this place sooner, as the professionalism and store set up is much far advanced as to what he dealt with in the past and is loving his new role. There is a big sense of satisfaction when you know you get the right fit for both parties!

A young sales assistant aspires to be a retail/area manager. Describe what they should do in 4 sentences?

  • Get a Degree in some related business course
  • Get on the job management experience in a large fast paced environment
  • Always be professional in everything you do.
  • Be nice, it’s nice to be nice!


Topaz has bought Esso

Service station Topaz have had their takeover bid for Esso approved by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. Topaz, which is owned by contentious businessman Denis O’Brien, will own a total of 30% of the Irish fuel market. It is believed the deal will be worth it the region of €70 million.

Esso currently own 38 service stations across the country, 35 which will be acquired by Topaz. 3 service stations will be scrapped, a stipulated that was addressed in the takeover conditions. The deal will see Topaz employ over 2,000 people across the country. They’re expected turnover will be in the region of €3.5 billion.

Just last week, an announcement was made by Topaz that will see the introduction of 40 Eddie Rocket stores in a number of service stations, further diversifying their product offering and capitalising on all aspects of the market.

New hotel planned for Dublin docklands

Planning permission is being sought for a 150 bedroom hotel that will reside at a former warehouse on North Wall Quay. Leading property developer Paddy McKillen recently acquired the property from NAMA.

The conversion would mean the warehouse would be transformed into a top class hotel. The warehouse was sold to Qakmount, a company closely linked to McKillen for €5million. The initial asking price of €3.9 million by real estate agents Bannons had risen due to competition from Irish and oversea developers.

Planning permission suggest the warehouse will be converted into a 7 floor 150 bed hotel, costing €10 million to add additional floors to the current 3 floor building. McKillen is a key player amongst Irish hoteliers and his organisation also have ownership of The Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street.



Tips for waiting staff

Whether you have just entered the industry or have been employed in it for some time waiting staff are persistently caught in a whirlwind, in one of the busiest, hands on professions whose primary focus is on the customer. Working effectively and efficiently is the core purpose for all waiting staff, whereby the customer is left satisfied. A massive burden falls on waiting staff and they are constantly thrown queries and questions that which aren’t always relatable to their job title. If a customer is left dissatisfied at the presentation of their food, its taste, the restaurant environment or waiting time, waiting staff are the first people who have to deal with these concerns. Thus the tenets of their job stretch far beyond simple serving food and cleaning plates. Here we have compiled useful tips for those employed in the industry.


Always look presentable

  • If your job requires a uniform make sure it is always in good condition. This meaning that it is clean, neat and ironed. If you work full time you are obliged to be provided with a certain allocated uniform allowance so if your employer is slow to give you them, push them for it as ultimately it will serve them better when you are presented well. Naturally, working in a hospitality sector is a fast paced environment and things can get heated. Check your appearance periodically to make sure you are presentable or that you haven’t picked up unnoticed stains.


  • Keep nails clean and tidily cut
  • Keep jewellery and make up to a minimal
  • Try not smoke directly before a shift or if you do cover the scent well as it is a noticeable and obnoxious smell.
  • Wear suitable footwear


Know the menu thoroughly

  • Having an adept knowledge of the menu and familiarising yourself with all the dishes will save you time when taking orders or dealing with queries regarding ingredients or specific dietary requirements. Study the menu if you feel you could acquaint yourself better as it will mean you will avoid mistakes and slow orders.
    • Become familiar with every option for each order. If a customer orders a sandwich be aware of which breads are available, which sides come with it and if substitutes or additions can be made.
    • Know which dishes contain meat, dairy and common allergens like peanuts. Similarly be able to recommend an alternative for customers.
    • Be able to differentiate between whether a menu item is actually suitable for a customer. For example something that is vegetarian may not be vegan. Similarly a food that is presented as vegetarian may actually contain beef stock in the cooking process. Mention this to the customer as they will appreciate your honesty in looking out for their needs.
    • Familiarise yourself with daily specials before each shift.


Have an ability to Multi Task

  • Work will become easier if you can have the ability to multi task. Take empty dishes from tables whenever you’re on your way to the kitchen. Fill up a tray when several tables want condiments, drinks, or similar items instead of carrying them out one by one. These are things customers greatly appreciate as it cuts down waiting time and gives them a more efficient service experience. If a customer requests more water, bring a jug and check on nearby customers, topping them up if needs be. They will be impressed at your ability to foresee their request without it being addressed.

Never do nothing

If you have no customers to take care of, clean! There’s always work to be done in a restaurant. Show your employer that you’re able to take initiative and work hard.

  • If your current tables do not require attention, look at the other customers as well. Some of them may be trying to flag down a waitress for a small request that you can fill without stepping on their toes.

Excel Recruitment | Salary Survey 2015 | Retail Industry Management

You will find the 2015 Salary Survey from Excel Recruitment at the link attached Salary Survey 2015 – PDF.
We have compiled this guide which is supported by data from the best Retail Managers across the country. I remain confident that the Grocery, Non-Food & Fashion, as well as FMCG Industries will continue their resurgence and 2016 will be a year of continued growth. Barry Whelan // October – 2015

Cork’s Clarion Hotel sells for €35.1 million

The Clarion Hotel on Cork’s waterfront has sold for €35.1 million. Dalata Hotel Group have further extended their Irish portfolio, however the property will continue to be operated by Choice Hotels under the recognised Clarion brand. Dalata most recently acquired nine Bewley’s Hotel last in a €455 million takeover and operate more than 40 Hotels across Ireland.

Located on Lapps Quay, the Four Star, 191 bedroom Hotel was sold jointly by Savills and JLL. It is the biggest Hotel sale in Cork history with it being described as ‘record breaking’ by Tom Barett an agent from Savills. “The investment sale of the Clarion Hotel Cork attracted a strong level of both domestic and international buyer interest, resulting in highly competitive bidding and in the end a sale price well above our excess €30m guide price,” he said.

The Clarion Hotel which houses the Kudos Bar, a health spa and seven meeting rooms with the tenants of the building unaffected by the sale.

Record tourist numbers have created 5,000 new jobs

5,000 seasonal jobs have been created as a result of high tourist numbers flocking to Ireland. The report by Vinters Federation Ireland (VFI) was conducted across 120 pubs, many which are located in ‘traditional tourist areas’. In total, an additional 4.8 members of staff were employed across 2,500 pubs, an average of 12,000 seasonal jobs. Furthermore, an additional two members of staff per pub are being employed this year, resulting in an additional 5,000 jobs so far this year.

Padraig Cribben, Chief Executive of the VFI, said the news is “Real proof that the tourism trade is well and truly back and highlights its importance to local economies. From Jan – May 2015, tourism in Ireland grew by approx. 12%.


Eddie Rockets is opening in Petrol Stations around Ireland

Petrol. The Paper. The Jalopeno Popper Burger. A combination that is to become very easy with the announcement from Eddie Rockets that they will open in forecourts around the country. The popular burger joint that has established themselves as a revered favourite across Ireland will open in 40% of Topaz Stores.

Dublin Port and Brennanstown in Co. Wicklow will see the franchise in store by the end of the year and a further 15 locations are planned for 2016. An extensive menu will be available and all food will be made on site. Topaz have announced the upgrade will cost in the region of €11.4 million.


Lidl to introduce living wage of €11.50 an hour

Discount grocery retailer Lidl have become the first big employer to commit to a ‘living wage’ for all staff. Lidl operate 143 stores across the country and the introduction will benefit 20% of their entire Irish workforce. 700 staff currently earn below this rate, with the remaining 80% earning above this per hour.

The measure will be introduced from November 1st and is a 30% increase of the Irish minimum wage that is currently set at €8.65. A similar commitment will be introduced for Lidl Northern Ireland staff that will be calculated using the sterling benchmark.

Lidl already pay above average for all of its staff, with entry level wage starting at €10.50 an hour, generally paid to store assistants and warehouse operatives. The new living wage will also rise to €13 per hour incrementally within two years.

Lidl Ireland did not announce the overall cost to the company of introducing a living wage to all staff. However, a similar move that was announced across Britain last month was approximated to cost £9 million.

The Living Wage is an independently assessed and measured rate of income considered necessary to have a socially acceptable standard of living. It is defined as the minimum pay workers need to meet their needs for housing, utilises, transport, healthcare, clothing and food.