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Essential LinkedIn etiquette. The definite ‘dos’ and the definite ‘don’ts

LinkedIn is a recruiter’s staple, their bread and butter for sourcing candidates for prospective jobs. Understandable some people shy away from yet another ‘social network’. To an outsider, LinkedIn may be viewed as one of yet another plethora of online mediums where you are asked to share personal information with the world. But it is not to be overlooked. LinkedIn is the most enveloped Social Medium platform, encapsulating all demographics and tiers of professionals. It is therefore a fundamental for recruiters and candidates, in fact any prospective or current job seeker.

It is the most infinite source of jobs you will see across any platform and more specifically jobs that are tailored to your interests and experience. Job Boards cost money for companies to advertise. LinkedIn doesn’t and is often the only platform where you will see jobs advertised. Furthermore, with Pulse (LinkedIn’s personalised feed for news and insights) you see what is tailored specifically to you. Apportion a fraction of the time you spend on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or Snapchat to LinkedIn. The Difference? Tangible results, beneficial connections and perhaps the catalyst for landing your new dream job.

Pulse personalises Jobs specific to you:

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Approach Slow

If you are a new user, go slow. At first LinkedIn can be hard to navigate and get your head around. Build rapport and trust, as you would in real life. Establishing relationships on LinkedIn can prove majorly beneficial, so remember you can’t get that first impression back. The expression ‘all guns blazing’ might be useful to remember here. Do not ask for too much too soon. There is an etiquette to adhere to and which is expected by others. However, don’t be afraid to reach out either. LinkedIn was built on the foundations of networking and connecting. Connecting with useful HR managers, following companies and broadening your online community will put you on the radar. Finding your equilibrium between these points will land you with sound LinkedIn activity.



LinkedIn isn’t Facebook. Nor is it Tumblr or Twitter. It’s also not Tinder. It is a community of professionals and you are pitching yourself amongst your peers. A sound profile photo is imperative. A quick ask around in our office suggests ‘duck face selfies’ or ‘extreme close ups’ aren’t a winner. Don’t worry about a professional photo either. A headshot standard solo headshot will suffice, that shows your enthusiasm, energy and ebullient nature.


Stay Active Online

LinkedIn cements your digital platform. Those most content in their jobs stay active too. Your LinkedIn will effectively become null if you are not active. Again, it also keeps you on the cusp of that HR Manager or Recruiter’s (whom you have connected with) mind. It never hurts to pop up when someone is searching for a candidate with your expertise, or being a top rank in a Boolean search. ‘LinkedIn stalking’ isn’t common place. People are curious as how to better themselves and if you are a source in their trajectory, it is quite flattering. People expect the notification saying someone has viewed their profile, likes their update, or commented on their blog post. Even if they don’t know them personally. It’s fair to presume that people view your interest as professional. If you are conscious of this, the Privacy Settings will become your best friend. If you are curious, but don’t want someone to be notified that you viewed their profile, that can be changed in seconds, however it is not advised as this is all about highlighting yourself.

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, Excel Recruitment , Excel Recruitment


There are heaps of default privacy settings you may not be aware of. Have a look around and get familiar with these. Social Talent also do informative blogs regarding these that you can find at



Remember: LinkedIn has over 277 million users. However, it isn’t a numbers game and like anything quality will pay dividends over quantity. Focus on worthwhile connections, companies and other resources that will benefit you.