Popular discounter Dealz, which own Poundland in the U.K, have expressed their long term plans for the Irish market. Having reported strong growth in its Irish and British operations, they did cite the weak euro as a genuine challenge they will come up against.

While still relatively new to the Irish market, Dealz have established themselves as a leading go to discounter and sell the majority of their products at the €1.49 price point. It opened 10 stores, including one retail park across Ireland in the year to March 29th. This brings its total number of Irish outlets up to 41 stores and its total number of retail parks to four.

While Dealz doesn’t disclose results for Ireland, but said that it now serves some 300,000 customers a week in Ireland. The average basket price per customer is €6.50 (across the UK and Ireland) and would mean annual Irish gross income in the region of €100m.

In all Poundland expects to open at least 60 new stores in the UK and Ireland in the 2015-16 year and continue with a trial in Spain.

Source: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/retail-and-services/dealz-targets-70-shops-for-ireland-1.2254221