Think working as a locum Pharmacist isn’t for you? From 1 or 2 days of cover to longer-term bookings, locum work is as diverse a career as our pharmacists and clients are. Being a locum pharmacist means whatever you want it to mean for you and your life. Still not convinced? Our Pharmacy consultant Barbara Kelly tells us just why a Locum career with Excel Recruitment should be your next step….

Weekly pay
The major difference in locuming with Excel compared to with others? Weekly pay. Our vast experience providing temporary staff in all sectors means we manage the logistics and admin of getting you paid for your hard work seamlessly. Rather than waiting and having to keep track of all your hours over the month yourself, with Excel you get paid for your shifts the following week.

Being a locum gives you back control over your career and working life. In Excel, you work with our consultants, letting them know where and when you want to work, what you enjoy – and what you don’t. All while letting them take care of the details to get you working. Rates and working hours are agreed before you start any shifts, which means you choose the pharmacies that suit you best, can plan your work around other life commitments or take last-minute shifts, only if and when they suit.


As we said earlier, as an Excel locum pharmacist you choose what your work life and your schedule look like. Work patterns can vary as much or as little as you want, and most importantly is this is never set in stone. Want to work full-time this month and then only weekends next month? Have a young family or studying for a masters or PhD? As long as you communicate what you’re looking for with your consultant, you can work as much as you want, in whatever schedule suits your personal/ home life and take as many holidays as you wish!


A common misconception about locum work is that there is no time to grow your knowledge. The opposite is true. The knowledge and experience you gain as a locum is something you can’t get anywhere else. Working as a locum means, you can work in such a wide variety of different location and be exposed to different environments, customer profiles, ailments, team environments and management styles. Experiencing such a variety can come in really handy experience when making future career choices and it also allows you to better network and make connections. Above all, stepping outside what you’re used to, lets you become a more rounded and ultimately, better pharmacist.

If you have any Pharmacy recruitment requirements or are a Pharmacy professional considering a new job, get in touch with Barbara today at or call 01-8148747. View our live Pharmacist jobs here