Divisional Manager Ciara Connolly, who oversees our accounting, finance and office support divisions discusses how hiring remote working temps can work for your business.

Remote working and work from home. Two phrases we’ve all become MORE than aware of over the last year. Flexible working has gained momentum in recent years, with employers exploring the concept with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Covid has meant any caution was forced out the window. Employers have had to pivot rapidly to, in many cases, a fully remote workforce.

Covid has been the catalyst for this but it won’t be the end. Working from home looks set to stick around long after the crisis ends. Surveys since the beginning of lockdown consistently show most workers have seen the pluses of working from home. Most now want a mix of office and remote working to remain after the crisis ends. Employers too are seeing how workable this can be.

Being open to staff working remotely or flexibly has great benefits to companies. By removing the commute, you instantly have access to a much broader pool of candidates that may have been excluded previously. Substantial research shows employees see flexibility as a key part of their benefits package and those that have it already in their role are much less likely to look for other employment.

The future of temp

So, while a (somewhat) remote working internal team is here to stay, a common misconception I hear all the time is ‘this couldn’t work for temporary staff.’ Of course it can!

Here in Excel Recruitment, we provide remote temporary and office support staff to business nationwide and have been since the beginning of this crisis. It is the ideal solution in the current climate, whether you need a temp to cover absences for a day or 2, need extra manpower for a project, have a gap you need covered for an extended period or want to trial someone before committing to a permanent hire.

If this crisis has taught us anything, it’s that many more tasks can be carried out remotely than previosly expected. Our temps have the experience to start straight away to assist your business. With much of the market at the mercy of government lockdowns and the wider global situation, hiring remote working temps is an ideal solution for employers right now. It gives employers the freedom to scale staff levels up and down as required, commitment-free and at short notice.

We have a pool of temporary candidates fully screened, registered and ready to go. All are set up for remote working with the technology required to start immediately. Our consultants are experienced in onboarding remote temps to your workforce so can guide you through the process.

Temporary workers could be vital for your organisation over the next few months as lockdown restrictions ease, providing you with an accessible source of support either in the office remotely.

Contact Ciara Connolly, Divisional Manager on 045 397142 or email ciara@excelrecruitment.com to discuss your temporary staffing needs in administration, accounting, finance and customer support.