Do you work on our temporary healthcare team? Recently joined our events staff team? Here you’ll find answers to common questions you may have about how to register us as your employer, how to sort out your tax, how to request holidays and more. If you have a question not listed below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your consultant by email or text.

Query this with your consultant by email. Your consultant will have a record of all working hours and can notify you of your holiday entitlements and payments.

Request this from your consultant by email. Your consultant can get this information from the accounts department and forward past payslips to you should you require them. However, all payslips will be emailed to you on Thursday evening, before your payment on Friday.

When you start a new job, you must give your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) to yournew employer. Excel Recruitment will then notify revenue that you have started workingand revenue will:issue you with a Tax Credit Certificate provide Excel Recruitment with a Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN). Excel Recruitment can then make the correct deductions from your salary.If you do not give your new employer your PPSN, you may pay too much tax. Your employerwill be required to deduct emergency tax from your pay.If this is your first employment in Ireland you will need to Register for MyAccount:To Register for MyAccount:https://www.revenue.ie/en/online-services/services/register-for-an-online-service/register-for-myaccount.aspxYou will need the following : PPS Number Date of Birth Mobile Number or Landline Number Email Address Home Address Revenue will send out a password to your home address. As soon as you receive this go back in Online and reset password. We will Register your Employment with Excel and Revenue will then send us your tax details.Please ensure that you are setup online ASAP. This will ensure that you are not paying Emergency Tax.

To get a PPS number, you will need to fill out an application form in the PPS Number Allocation Centre, provide evidence of your identity and evidence of why you need a PPS number allocated. You must also provide proof of your address. If you require an employment letter, please ask your consultant who will assist you. Failure to hand in a PPS number will result in you paying tax at the emergency rate of 41%. For more information see www.welfare.ie.

To request holiday pay or holidays you must send an email to your Recruitment Consultant directly.

P45 forms are no longer in existence in line with PAYE Modernisation. Should you wish to cease employment with Excel Recruitment you must email your consultant to this effect. You should then log into your Revenue MyAccount and remove us as your current employer.

P60 forms are no longer in existence in line with PAYE Modernisation. An end of year statement is available to employees through ros.ie

It is company policy not to issue individual references due to the large volume of employees. However we would be happy to confirm start and leaving dates for all employees if required.

Your individual rate of pay will depend the job you are assigned and will be determined by our client, who you are working for. Pay rates will vary because of this but the minimum rate you will receive is €10.10 per hour, with no job equating to less than this.

All temporary jobs require 1 weeks’ notice for a holiday request and 24 hours advance notice of a cancellation.

Please inform your consultant by email who will update your profile and sort all relevant documentation you may require.

Hours vary. They are dependent on our client’s requests and the types of jobs.

A timesheet must be submitted if you are working for us on a temporary basis. If you work more than one assignment per week then a timesheet must be submitted at the end of each assignment. If you are working an assignment that lasts for one week or longer, then a timesheet must be submitted at the end of each week. All timesheets should be sent via email or Whatsapp to your recruitment consultant and must be submitted by no later than 10am each Monday to get paid by midnight on the Friday of that week. The timesheet must have both your own and the client’s signature clearly filled in each week. Failure to submit your time sheet before the 10am deadline may result in your payment arriving the following week.