Between February 29th and March 2nd 2016, Excel Recruitment welcomed 15 young unemployed jobseekers into our offices in Dublin City Centre. Now in its third year, Feeding Ireland’s Future is an initiative by the Department of Social Protection and the Grocery Retail Industry in Ireland. Participants are aged between 18-24 years of age and facilitated by ECR Ireland. Excel Recruitment serve the Grocery Retail Industry recruiting Sales Assistants to CEO. We command a team of expert consultants and dedicated time to each participant working through CV’s, Interviews, Assessment Centres, and Social Media Profiling. We also outlined to participants the daily routine we do as Recruiters, Trainers and Digital Marketers.

Two Examples 

Building from last years success, participants have grown in number. Our consultants sat individually with participants and were paired through interests. Those interested in working in Fashion and Retail learned the tips from Aislinn Lea, talking in detail about previous experience, how the industry works and what employers demand. Sometimes it’s the case of rephrasing certain aspects of a CV. Participants were prompted to expand on their skill sets, skills that they already had, as well as experience, but had omitted or was not highlighted in their CV’s.

Our Digital Marketing Manager Clare chatting about the importance of Social Media and finding a job online. While most peruse Social Media for fun, participants were thought how to exploit Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram in a matter of seconds to find jobs. She also elaborated on the importance of privacy settings, how you can adjust these and how to present (and restrict) your Social Media profiles. With a plethora of Job Boards, we also emphasised the importance of Keywords to participants and used some fun examples to put these into action. Generic searching doesn’t benefit anyone and using tighter search terms to pinpoint exact jobs and have tighter search limits saves everyone time.

Every member of the Excel Team took part, giving workshops and CV advice, guidance and leads to all participants, committing time to the group and also individually. Excel Recruitment were delighted to assist in Feeding Ireland’s Future 2016. We are a proponent of Irish Retail and it was refreshing to have new faces, who are encouraged by the industry in our offices for the few days. We wish all participants the very best in their applications and encourage them to keep in contact with each other and Excel Recruitment.

I went through the importance of CV’s and Cover Letters and how they should be presented. Regarding Cover Letters, like your CV this should be specialised to the role in which you are applying for. A cover letter should not be a description of what they will already see in the CV. Try your best to bring in further points about yourself and why you would like to be a part of the company.